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Dynamic Network Factory's experienced professional services project managers can serve as the cornerstone for all of your IT projects ranging from data migration, server virtualization, performance assessment and optimization, server consolidation, storage consolidation, data security, disaster recovery, business continuity and remote management. Our project managers are backed by an experienced group of design and development engineers that apply their real world experience and expertise to design and implement an optimal IT environment. Cost and complexity are significantly reduced to improve business operations and success.

Observation Process

A dedicated DNF Project Manager will spend initial discussions learning about your organization, its environment, available resources, core concerns and challenges. The Project Manager will engage your IT and operations department to ensure our team has a strong understanding of your current infrastructure and project deliverables.
Assessment Process

After compiling a detailed architecture assessment, the DNF Project Manager will work with our engineering team to create an in-depth assessment of your environment, your challenges and goals, to take stock of the current infrastructure, and recommend the next steps for a new project.
Design Process

The Project Team will develop a strategic plan comprised of testing, design and development engineers. This plan will address your core concerns and our recommendations to optimize your environment to improve your IT operations and business operations.
Implementation Process

Once the project design is approved by your team and ours, we can begin to implement the project design. The implementation phase may include new systems integration, redesigning the current setup for increased performance, utilization or efficient management.
Maintenance Process

After the implementation of the optimized infrastructure, the DNF Services group can continue on in a formal or as needed basis to monitor and maintain the redesigned infrastructure via remote management, periodic reassessments or optimization planning. Our goal is to continue to serve as a virtual IT team resource - to ensure our solution meets your current needs and to continue to meet future needs and concerns.
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