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Company Vision

As an associated business unit of Dynaimc Network Factory (DNF), DNF Professional Services is dedicated to creating cost-effective and high quality storage solutions while relying on innovative spirit and engineering excellence. With this singular focus, DNF is primed to become one of the leading providers of storage solutions for diverse organizations worldwide.

Company Profile

DNF has a long heritage of creating cutting-edge customer-driven products. As an engineering-focused company, with a history specializing in storage solutions, DNF is poised to rapidly expand its customer base and define the next generation of storage solutions ranging from workgroup RAID systems to iSCSI engines, and modular enterprise Fibre Channel solutions.

DNF started as US subsidiary of Japanese publicly-traded IT conglomerate CSK Electronics in 1989. In 1998 the company refined its strategy and began to focus the hardware group on storage solutions. Within a year, DNF’ rapid growth resulted in its emergence as an independent, privately-held spin-off. Serving thousands of customers since its inception in 1989, DNF has provided custom solutions for organizations of all sizes and built products for many familiar computer manufacturers as an OEM.

DNF's long-standing relationships with industry leaders gives customers access to cutting-edge products based on industry standards, at an affordable price. DNF's flexible manufacturing system gives customers the opportunity to custom design storage solutions that conveniently fit into their infrastructure. Major partners include Microsoft, Intel, Western Digital, Seagate, FalconStor, and Red Hat.

DNF has experience working with customers, including consumers, small-to-medium business, government agencies, universities, hospitals, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. Customers include UC Berkeley, MIT, John Hopkins, the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation Administration, Lockheed Martin, Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo, Fujitsu, Nordstrom’s, Toshiba, PG&E, Safeway Corporation, Looksmart, CNET, and LSI. View our Partial Client List.

DNF is based in Hayward, California and has regional offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Texas, New York, Virginia, and Washington, DC. To serve international markets, DNF also has branches in Germany and Japan. DNF products are available through strategic VARS, distributors and other channels. Please contact the sales department for more information regarding our products.

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